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  • Outstanding Outlines

  • Mastercourse: Dialogue

  • Mastercourse: Point of View

  • Mastercourse: Characters

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Sometimes all you need is a second set of eyes or a good conversation to solve your story problem.

From fixing a multiple POV epic to developing a plan to write your first short story and everything in between, Clark is here to help.


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The Ultimate Trilogy Upgrade will help you take your writing career to the next level.

Clark is here to help you from each story idea to the final words with:

3 Ironclad Outlines ($1,650 value)
3 Manuscript Evaluations ($7500 value)
72 Story Stuck Consultations ($14,400 value)









Tell me More about each course

Punch them in the Gut: Writing Fiction with Emotional Impact v2.0

The Bestselling Writing Course Just Got Better!
OVER 2000 students agree:
If you want to have advocates as readers instead of fair-weather fans, you need this course.
10 Hours of New Coursework.
Additional Supplements and Worksheets.
Over Five more years of Real-World Publishing Lessons Learned.

Advanced Novel Writing with Harry Potter

A critical evaluation through all 17 immersive chapters in the seminal work of JK Rowling.
Learn to inspire readers…each chapter adds more mystery, magic, and mayhem.
This beloved book is an excellent starting point for anyone unsure what should go into a novel, no matter what genre they want to write.
(Now also a bestselling nonfiction guide with Clark Chamber and Scott King).

Outstanding Outlines: Engineer Your Novel

In this course you’ll learn the secrets to outline your next novel. Unlock your ability to: Write Faster, Increase Creativity, and Crush Doubt.
Teaching you the same method he uses in his Ironclad Outline service, Clark Chamberlain will breakdown occidental storytelling into the core skills you need to engineer your own Outstanding Outline.

Writing Fiction Fundamentals: Characters

In this class you will learn what characters are, what different types and roles they can play, how to emotionally engage your ideal reader, how to create unforgettable characters, understanding and choosing the right archetypes for your genre, dynamic to static characters, and much more.

(One of the original courses, this will be reshot in early 2021 with better video and audio. If you’d like to see additional material added, make sure to email your requests.)

Writing Fiction Fundamentals: Dialogue

In 15 lessons you will learn from the basics of writing dialogue to more advanced techniques. From simple concepts to help readers stay immerged in your writing (plus may keep your next query letter out of the circular file), to the complexity of breaking a few rules you learned in English class, your characters will be speaking better than ever.

(One of the original courses, this will be reshot in early 2021 with better video and audio. If you’d like to see additional material added, make sure to email your requests.)

Writing Fiction Fundamentals: Point of View

Whether you are just starting work on your first novel or have penned several you’ll find exactly what you need to make your POV writing better than ever.
From popular to obscure POV choices, in the class you will learn which is best for you, your characters, and the audience you want to reach.

(One of the original courses, this will be reshot in early 2021 with better video and audio. If you’d like to see additional material added, make sure to email your requests.)

What do Authors Say About Clark Chamberlain’s Work?

I can’t say enough good things about Clark and his story engineering. A one-one-one consultation always works magic with my plots and gets me right where I need to be to start a new novel!” 

Lori Ryan

NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author

“Moving on to the one-on-one sessions for a deep dive into (angels singing) my story was exhilarating. Clark’s feedback and brainstorming were invaluable in shaping my finished product.”

Judy K. Walker

Author of the Sydney Brennan Mysteries and Dead Hollow Trilogy

With a simple outline critique, Clark was able to look straight into the foundations of my story and point out several crucial issues involving pacing, continuity, character development, and overall readability. On top of that, he gave me some really fantastic suggestions to overcome these issues and increase story tension at pivotal moments. I came away with a focused, actionable list of things I could do to take my storytelling to the next level. I’d recommend his services whether you’ve completed your manuscript or you’re still at the outlining stage and trying to make sure your story has legs. Clark knows stories, and (BONUS) he’s a super nice guy to work with!

Luke R. Mitchell

Author of The Harvesters Series

Which upgrade is right for me?

Story Stuck Consultation

1-on-1 Call with Story Engineer Clark Chamberlain.

It’s not one size fits all with creativity. When you book your call with Clark, he’ll ask for the basics of your story problem, so he can prepare personalized solutions.

This call is all about you and your story. Clark will make sure you get the right tools to make your story the best it can while targeting the reader you want.

After the call you’ll have the creative energy to charge forward and capture your writing goals. You have a story and it deserves to be told.

Ironclad Outline

Write Faster~Gain Readers~Crush Doubt

No more staring at a blank page. Ironclad Outline sparks your creative passion to get you writing in record time—expanding your backlist and securing your writing success.

With Ironclad Outline you will target the right reader which will allow you to properly engineer your story for maximum engagement and built-in marketing.

No more second guessing! The inner editor is not your friend, and with an Ironclad Outline you can turn that voice off and trust your story is the best it can be.

Manuscript Evaluation

Your manuscript is painstakingly poured over. Characters, plot, motivation, theme, location, problems, and more are examined.

Your book is your baby. I find the issues that threaten to harm your baby, and create solutions to solve or avoid them altogether.

Within two weeks you’ll receive a detailed map to help you on the rest of your writing journey. This is where most editors stop…I’m not most editors.

Our work together will actualize your story not mine. If you ask me to guide you to the next level I’ll do it in an efficient manner of your time.

When we’re finished you will have a book that can engage for 90 years not just a 90 day Amazon algorithm. I want you writing books that span generations.

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