Ironclad Outline

by Clark Chamberlain






Outlines bring focus to the story and make each writing session easier but can still be lacking. Having an Ironclad Outline will deliver your best results each time.


Never again will you finish your manuscript only to find it filled with plot holes, unexplained character motivation, or errors in the story logic.


Reaching the right reader with the story they can’t stop talking about is your ticket to unlimited free advertising and a rabid fan-base.





You’ll send Clark your outline and background materials (up to 20k words). He will spend the next few days reviewing them point by point to help you make your story work before you even write the first page.



After reviewing the materials Clark will send you his notes. When you’ve had a chance to go through them, you’ll have an hour long one-on-one story coaching call with Clark.



This call will let you ask questions, work through story problems, brainstorm additional elements, and give you the right tools to make your story the best it can be for the reader you want.

If you’ve never worked with, taken a class from, or heard Clark speak at a writer’s conference then you might not know about his passion for story. 

There are a lot of editors who turn and burn author’s work as fast as possible, but Clark is committed to your story.

After you’ve received his notes and had your one-on-one call, he’s still available for email story checkups.

Students Taught

Books Edited



“I can’t say enough good things about Clark and his story engineering. A one-one-one consultation always works magic with my plots and gets me right where I need to be to start a new novel!”
-Lori Ryan, NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author


“Clark helped hone my story with incisive questions and suggestions for improvement. It was fantastic to have input at this early stage on a new series, especially as I am usually a discovery writer.”
-J.F.Penn, NY Times and USA Today bestselling thriller author

“If you want an editor who can respect your original voice as an author and offer incredible feedback for story, then Clark is who you should go with!”
-Scott King, Author of The 5 Day Novel

“Clark dives deep into story structure, developmental editing, and the story planning that will help working authors go from good to great or from great to unforgettable.”
-Sean Platt, Author of Write, Publish, Repeat

Why Do I Need An Editor? 

Clark is called a Story Engineer because of his ability to create strong fictional structures that perfectly pairs the author’s vision with the target reader. Clark has the ability to listen to your story and find the connections that you wrote in subconsciously.

This is the single easiest investment to make, and the returns are priceless. If you already write multiple books per year, or you plan to this is your deal.


What if I have a finished manuscript?

Developmental editing is often skipped due to the cost. I’ve worked over the last three years to change that with Ironclad Outlines. They give every author a huge advantage from word one. But what if you already have your manuscript finished?  

Story Guide

Word by Word

Your manuscript is painstakingly poured over. Characters, plot, motivation, theme, location, problems, and more are examined.


Hazards Identified

Your book is your baby. I find the issues that threaten to harm your baby, and create solutions to solve or avoid them altogether.

Accurate Atlas

Within two weeks you’ll receive a detailed map to help you on the rest of your writing journey. This is where most editors stop…I’m not most editors.


Story Coaching

We will meet multiple hours and as many email conversations that you need. I’m your mentor every step of the way.

Actionable Creativity

Our work together will actualize your story not mine. If you ask me to guide you to the next level I’ll do it in an efficient manner of your time.


Legacy Asset

When we’re finished you will have a book that can engage for 90 years not just a 90 day Amazon algorithm. I want you writing books that span generations.

If you’re serious about your professional writing then make the right investment in your story by adding the “Best Damn Developmental Editor” to your team.

Each purchase includes the following bonuses:

2- Outstanding Outlines ($100 value)
Outlines are the professional author’s greatest ally. Being able to master the outline will be a lifelong tool in your creative kit. Through five simple to follow lessons, Clark Chamberlain will teach you how to create great outlines in record time.

2- Outstanding Outlines ($100 value)
Outlines are the professional author’s greatest ally. Being able to master the outline will be a lifelong tool in your creative kit. Through five simple to follow lessons, Clark Chamberlain will teach you how to create great outlines in record time.


I want to take advantage of the low price but I’m not ready to book, can I buy now and book later?

Yes! I totally get this and so I give you 12 months to book (and if you know me, the bottom line is I’ll always honor our deal even decades down the road).

What if I have an outline and a few chapters, can you do both?

For the price I’ll work on 20k words in any combination. And if you know your manuscript will be close to 100k words I’d suggest grabbing the Full Service for maximum savings.

Do you offer payment plan options?

At this time, payment plans are not an option—but I may have an alternative for you! Use the message button on this page to reach out with the service you want and I can set up a 25% down payment where you would pay the rest at time of service.

Is the payment system secure?

Yes! Payment is processed using PayPal or Stripe. Your card information never touches my servers—only the PCI-compliant servers of PayPal and Stripe.

I already own one or more of the bonus courses, can I give them to a friend?

Absolutely! These bonuses are yours to do what you’d like. Feel free to buy an Ironclad Outline or Developmental Read for all your author friends.

Does the Developmental Read include grammar editing?

It doesn’t. Grammar edits should be the final concern of the author. My Developmental Read will include volumes of notes on what is working why it works, and what is not working and why it isn’t. These notes may light a fire under you to rewrite entire chapters, add more, or cut some entirely. And those changes will give you a book that won’t just make money during a 90 day Amazon algorithm, but for years and years to come—think legacy!

Aren’t you dead or something?

To quote one of the greats, “Oh, he’s not dead. Well, not yet.”

But to be honest, during the last two years I’ve had moments I wished I were dead.

This has been the second hardest time in my life. After being injured during an army training exercise I slowly watched as my world collapsed. My injuries contributed to the loss of my position in the army, my editing business, my health, and most devastating of all my family.

That’s life…we all have moments of greatness and moments of devastation. It’s what we do in each of those times that define who we are.

I’m safe and more importantly I’m moving forward with purpose.