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From story idea to finished manuscript you’ll find Everything you need to write fiction readers love.

Crush Doubt

Sometimes all you need is a second set of eyes on the problem. So, no more second guessing! The inner editor is not your friend, and with Story Stuck Coaching you can turn that voice off and trust your story is the best it can be.

Write Faster

With Ironclad Outlines there’s no more staring at a blank page. An Ironclad Outline sparks your creative passion to get you writing in record time—expanding your backlist and securing your writing success.

Gain Readers

Your Manuscript Evaluation will examine every aspect of your story to make sure it targets the right reader which will allow you to properly engineer your story for maximum engagement and built-in marketing.

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Tell me more about each service

Story Stuck Coaching

Sometimes all you need is a second set of eyes or a good conversation to solve your story problem.

From fixing a multiple POV epic series to developing a plan for writing your first short story and everything in between, Clark is here to help.

Crush Doubt

in 3 easy steps

With creativity it’s not one size fits all

When you book your call with Clark, he’ll ask for the basics of your story problem, so he can prepare personalized solutions.

This call is ALL about you and your story

Clark will make sure you get the right tools to make your story the best it can while targeting the reader you want.

Get the result you need to keep writing

After the call you’ll have the creative energy to charge forward and capture your writing goals.

Write Faster

How it works


You’ll send Clark Chamberlain your outline and background materials (up to 20k words). He will review them point by point to help you make your story work before you even write the first page.



After reviewing the materials Clark will send you his detailed notes to make your outline Ironclad. When you’ve read through them, you’ll schedule your hour long one-on-one story coaching call with Clark.



This call will let you ask questions, work through story problems, brainstorm additional elements, and give you the right tools to make your story the best it can while targeting the reader you want.

Ironclad Outline

A point-by-point review of your outline examining plot, characters, setting, pacing, genre tropes, theme, and dialogue. This isn’t a red pencil parade of what’s not working Clark will point out what’s working and how to execute changes that will exponentially improve your books chances of success based on your target goals and reader.

You can use this hour long call to discuss questions about the notes, brainstorm ideas for individual scenes, better ways to connect your protagonist with the reader, focusing the subgenre, or any other story coaching you need. It’s your hour to use as you see fit.

Manuscript Evaluation

Think of it like a professional beta read on steroids. Clark will pour over every word in your manuscript. Characters, plot, motivation, theme, location, problems, and more are examined to identify any hazards and create solutions to solve or avoid them altogether.

Completing a manuscript is a big deal and the reason we need to celebrate is to fix in your memory this truth: You DID it and you CAN do it again. It’s your weapon to fight off any future self-doubt.

Crush Doubt

The Path to Publication

Word by Word

Your manuscript is painstakingly poured over. Characters, plot, motivation, theme, location, problems, and more are examined.


Hazards Identified

Your book is your baby. I find the issues that threaten to harm your baby, and create solutions to solve or avoid them altogether.

Accurate Atlas

Within two weeks you’ll receive a detailed map to help you on the rest of your writing journey. This is where most editors stop…I’m not most editors.

Our work together will actualize your story not mine. If you ask me to guide you to the next level I’ll do it in an efficient manner of your time.

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What have previous authors said about Clark Chamberlain?

“I was super impressed with the work I received from Clark. I sent him 8K outline and he came back with a two page assessment that included what worked great as well as key Trope Gaps. This was so important to me since I’m writing in a new genre. In a follow-up call, we brainstormed those gaps and I landed in a much richer place. I highly recommend using Clark at the development stage of your manuscript, he knows his stuff.”

L.T. Kodzo

Author of Locker 572

After trying multiple plotting systems with little success, I found Clark’s outlining approach meshed beautifully with my pantsing-discovery writing style. What a relief! By adding personal consultation to small group instruction, Clark elevated my learning experience from informative to invaluable. Clark not only ensured I could translate the course lessons into powerhouse outlines, he tweaked his approach to complement my writing style rather than fight against it. Simply Priceless!

M.Z. Lowe

Newbie writer of uplifting epic fantasies

Clark helped hone my story with incisive questions and suggestions for improvement. It was fantastic to have input at this early stage on a new series, especially as I am usually a discovery writer.”


NY Times and USA Today bestselling thriller author

I can’t say enough good things about Clark and his story engineering. A one-one-one consultation always works magic with my plots and gets me right where I need to be to start a new novel!”


Lori Ryan

NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author

Clark dives deep into story structure, developmental editing, and the story planning that will help working authors go from good to great or from great to unforgettable.

Sean Platt

Author of Write, Publish, Repeat

“Moving on to the one-on-one sessions for a deep dive into (angels singing) my story was exhilarating. Clark’s feedback and brainstorming were invaluable in shaping my finished product.”

Judy K. Walker

Author of the Sydney Brennan Mysteries and Dead Hollow Trilogy

Working with Clark was an amazing experience… I knew where I needed to end up, but I wasn’t confident in the path I’d chosen to move from beginning to middle to end. Clark’s insights to the written outline were easy to read, and it was helpful that he sent them a few days before our phone call. When we finally did talk, Clark was knowledgeable and a great listener. He gave me free rein of the conversation, which meant I was able to hit all of my questions and concerns and even address ideas that arose as we spoke. I will most definitely be using this service again and again. I can write my novel now with the confidence that I’m moving in the right direction, and that’s a fantastic feeling.

Brittany Fichter

Author of The Classical Kingdoms Collection Series

I didn’t trust Clark with his smooth words and dashing good looks so I hired him first as an alpha reader. It was a test. He was meant to fail. Instead he came back with fantastic insight into a few of the characters and offered a perspective that my other alpha readers hadn’t picked up on.

Impressed with his grasp of characters and structure, I hired him to line edit a thriller novel. He managed to fix any clunky prose and turn it into a readable novel. If you want an editor who can respect your original voice as an author and offer incredible feedback for story, then Clark is who you should go with!

Scott King

Author of The 5 Day Novel

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